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Futures College recognizes the fact that “smaller the class better the chances are for the students to understand what is being taught". This guarantees enhanced level of student-teacher interaction and within the students performing groups. Deliberate efforts have been made to set up the classes in classrooms of various sizes, just to suit the requirements of the group being taught there. Therefore, different classrooms have been arranged ranging from small to medium size. The College believes in enhancing the knowledge of the students through their group work and class interaction. Therefore, the class size needs to be manageable, neither too small nor too crowded. Based on our teaching experience and research, we have limited the average strength of our classes to twenty-five.


The teaching methods adopted in the College recognize student research as a consolidating factor for a thorough grasp on the subject. Therefore, the College has been equipped with a modern library with adequate number of books related to the courses taught in the College. Since the College pays special emphasis on students' own research in their chosen fields, the students are properly guided to the available research materials with all the encouragement from the teachers to make them use the College Library.


The College is equipped with a number of branded Pentium IV PCs that support the students in learning, research, problem solving, data collection and report preparation. The computer systems are equipped with all the necessary hardware equipment, which students are expected to be familiar with. They include scanner, laser printer, CD writers and photocopying facilities. The College anyway, keeps upgrading its system according to the demands of the new development. All these systems are also well equipped with the latest relevant software, which are commonly required by the students. When it comes to the use of Internet, it is our responsibility as educators to see that that the usage is properly directed. Therefore, for the safety and benefits of the students and the College, different firewalls have been placed to protect material from different sites and different online chatting methods.

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